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You may also find our guides on both Support Groups for People Suffering from Panic Attacks and also our guide to finding Support Groups for People Suffering from Anxiety Disorders helpful, and once again there are plenty of organisations out there who are offering a free service to anyone seeking help and advice for either of those conditions.

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Panic Disorders and Anxiety Attacks

There are a variety of anxiety disorders, all of which come with a variety of symptoms, however they all tend to have one thing in common, and that is panic attacks, whether it’s agoraphobia, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Severe Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, or nearly any other mental condition. It has also been long been known that panic attacks can also be a side effect of heavy drug use, such as cannabis, ecstasy, speed, heroin and many other substances which affect the minds chemical balance.

There is hope however for those suffering non-chemical panic attacks. There are a variety of drugs out there to help, and also therapies which have proved to have high success rates, especially in those with PTSD. The variety of treatments that are therapy based are nearly endless, however, one therapy which is a ‘cruel to be kind’ approach is Exposure Therapy. This therapy sees you having to face your fears in a controlled environment, where with the help of your therapist, you’ll be able to either overcome your panic attacks completely, or you’ll learn coping mechanisms which give you far more control over the situation, and ultimately your panic attack.

In the case of nearly all the phobias, the vast majority of them can cause panic attacks to varying degrees, for example, arachnophobia sufferers may see a common house spider, and experience a slightly dry mouth, however, put a Tarantula or Black Widow in front of them, and they’ll hyperventilate.  In cases such as these, exposure therapy and life coaching can be a very powerful way to overcome the fear and learn new coping tactics to prevent panic attacks in the future.

The symptoms of panic attacks are varied, however, some of them are Palpitations, Shortness of breath, chest pains, feeling detached from your surroundings, hot and/or cold flushes, Dizziness, Fear of Dying/going insane.

These are very serious symptoms, and should you be feeling them, you really should see your doctor who can help guide you in the right direction. In the case of PTSD, there is no ‘one cap fits all’ treatment due to the several ways in which it can manifest itself, and also the many ways it can be brought on. In these cases, a collection of different therapies will have to be adopted. One set for the PTSD itself, and another for the conditions manifesting from it.

Interestingly, PTSD was actually first touched on around 1597 by William Shakespeare in Henry VI in Lady Percy’s monologue, and psychiatrist Jonathan Shay can be quoted as saying it ‘represents an unusually accurate description’ of PTSD. Furthermore, it is recorded that survivors of the concentration camps and holocaust, nearly 80 years on, are seeking help and treatment for the condition.

It is not known why it has taken so long for PTSD to manifest itself in the survivors, however, it shows that without early treatment for the horrors of the world that you witness, whether death, destruction, abuse or something which is truly traumatic, PTSD can come out years later, making it harder to treat than the initial event which lit the fuse.

PTSD SoldiersIn the case of military personnel who are experiencing PTSD, there are a number of charities which are there to provide support, guidance and information.

However, it has been noted that ex-military personnel who have served in live combat who haven’t undergone therapies and essentially ‘debriefed’ what they have seen are hugely more likely to develop drink and drug problems if PTSD takes hold.

Although the figures aren’t 100% known, it is commonly known and accepted in the medical term as fact that PTSD in veterans is severely worsened when drink and drugs are co-occur, and when treatment is not offered or successful.

Stress is another huge factor in what causes panic attacks, a study recently discovered that the employed middle classes and the unemployed under 30’s were the most susceptible, with some 60% showing mid to high risk symptoms.

Now, this may sound odd, but if you think logically about it, the rich aren’t too affected by the current financial climate. Obviously they’ve had to tighten their belts a bit, but they aren’t facing eviction, home repossession and if they did lose their job, they have cash to fall back on until they find their feet again.

However, if you look at the middle classes, which is generally mid to senior management, with small budgets but high expectations from their employers, these are the middle who are most at risk as the vast majority of them have mortgages that are on the rise, loans and finance outstanding, the cost of basic living rising and the fact that these are some of the first generation that don’t have a pension. Obviously, a lot do have a pension, but not all, and a huge proportion doesn’t even have enough in the pension pot to cover the minimum cost of living, thus having to work longer. It is these people that have the most to lose.

The working classes have already seemingly come through the recession, were I writing this article 18 months ago, it would be a completely different matter. However, with the number of labouring jobs on the rise, as well as the number of lower paid, but vital jobs opening up, it is becoming easier to get on the employment ladder again, and although this group of people still have to live on a tighter budget than they used to, the increase in jobs at the bottom of the ladder is making it easier for families to well exceed the breadline mark with 2 combined incomes.

Now the unemployed under 30’s are at risk of panic attacks because a lot of them have been to university, done doctorates, degrees, PhD’s, Masters, yet, no one can employ them. The jobs at the bottom of the ladder tend to not be open to them, fair or not, employers really want to train people up. For example, a supermarket is more inclined to employ someone without a degree to start at the bottom of the ladder stacking shelves and on the tills, training them up for ‘floor work’ up to store management or area management.

A Degree holder however, they’ll want to utilize more in head office, still training them up, but for the more behind the scenes stuff depending on the degree. So, these under 30’s have it tough, because they are deemed to educated to do one job, however, there are no other jobs out there for them to fill, and with the huge amounts of debt accumulated during university years for a lot, they worry about what’s going to happen.

All of the situations above are some of the biggest causes of increased stress levels, and they all involve money and work.  Now, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 million in the bank, or you’re living in your overdraft, stress can be devastating to you and your family. So try to nip it in the bud. Exercise is great for stress, as is meditation, and if your panic attacks are stemming from stress, these things may just help stop them. Stress can also lead to depression, and panic attacks are commonly associated with depression because the brain starts to believe that nothing good can happen.